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Turning Your PSDs into Fully Responsive, Stunningly Beautiful, WP Compliant Themes

Work with the most affordable and competent PSD to WordPress conversion experts in Australia who will set your brand apart with customized themes!

Here’s Why You Should Convert Your PSD File into a WordPress Theme:

Do you have a perfect PSD file that describes your ideal site? Are you looking into options to convert this vision into reality? Look no further!

If you want an easy to navigate, intuitive to use website with features like blogs, custom widgets and even an adjoining Ecommerce store, all without investing in costly platforms then WordPress is the right choice for you.

WordPress happens to be one of the most popular content management systems on the planet. It has left mighty competitors like Joomla and Drupal far behind in terms of adoption!

  • WordPress is free but robust. First and foremost, WordPress may be a free core offering but that doesn’t make it clunky, unsecure or unresponsive. As a matter of fact thousands of developers work passionately on this open source framework and they constantly refine the platform making it more reliable than some expensive CMS options in the market. If you want to have an online presence that impresses and functions well, WordPress delivers the required result without needing constant IT supervision.
  • WordPress has infinite options. That’s right. Thousands of plugins are available for use on the platform. And dozens more are added each week. There is no limit to what you can achieve with your website. This makes WordPress the perfect partner for a PSD themed site which is typically more customized and exclusive than ones created with generic templates. All your desired features and functionalities can be brought to life to complement your unique PSD design.
  • WordPress is extremely easy to use. Focus on the word ‘extremely’. There is literally no CMS that gets simpler than this. The WordPress dashboard is almost like the backend of a software solution. There are simple options to add pages and posts. And most plugins tend to have their own mini dashboards for further customization of options. And best of all, even if a site has a custom theme installed, this intuitiveness is not compromised.
  • WordPress is capable of supporting both a blog and an Ecommerce store. This wonderful and free platform not only hosts the main pages of your site, it can also put your blog and your Ecommerce store out on the World Wide Web, without you needing to manage several accounts. Everything fits into a single dashboard and the integration between the components is seamless. Now you can have a custom vision for each and every section of your business and WordPress will easily turn it into a tangible website with consistent branding.
  • WordPress is trusted. 51% of the top million sites in the world run on WordPress. From Variety to Sony Music to Beyoncé and BBC America, major commercial brands and even government organizations swear by WordPress and its power.

With WordPress you do not need to be a coder or an IT expert to maintain and sustain your PSD theme site. Once up and running, the simple framework makes it child’s play!


Your Decision to Embrace PSD is Praiseworthy!

There are many businesses that commission drag and drop sites and these seem to function well on the surface.

You could have done the same. But you didn’t! And that tells us you are serious about:

  • Being different from the crowd. There are myriad themes in the market but when it comes to ‘development favorites’, there are only a handful of options that get rehashed for every industry and niche. Your customers are developing theme fatigue and with your fully custom PSD file, you will immediately make a great first impression.
  • Having a site that is robust backend. Since you are here contemplating having your PSD theme converted into a WordPress site, it is likely that you will choose to work with expert end-to-end agencies that employ competent, hand-picked coders. Knowledge and experience both play a big role in creating PSD to WordPress themes that do your vision justice. A great spillover of this decision is having the website structured from scratch by people who know their work. This is a huge competitive advantage later down the line when your business expands and the traffic increases. Flimsily coded sites tend to cave under the pressure.


So Let’s Eliminate Your Concerns Now

We will NOT tell you that all PSD to WordPress conversions are done equal. There are nightmare scenarios where poor code, lack of domain knowledge and an obsession with speed have led to unbelievable complications including the need to start afresh.

But you have gotten lucky.

Here is why we at WordPress Development Australia are different:

  • You will not see us competing on price. Yes, we are affordable. Hundreds of customers can vouch for this fact. But we also happen to be quality driven instead of money focused. We do not want to be the busiest PSD to HTML conversion agency in Australia. Our mission is to deliver unrivalled client experience and best in class end results. This drives us to hire developers and coders who know their craft. The team is a close knit family of exceptional individuals who have mastered the art of slicing (conversion of PSD to HTML) and are not afraid to work extensively with PHP, CSS and HTML.
  • We truly start from scratch. We do not rely on bulky pre-coded snippets to start an assignment. We engage with each and every element of the sliced PSD individually, giving it the time and attention to detail it requires. Because of this dedication, our WordPress themes are fast and load in half the time required by other templates. Our code organization is a thing of beauty. And we are proud of our expertise!
  • We do not promise you unreasonable timelines. Converting PSD to HTML can’t happen in a jiffy. Hours of labor and concentration are needed to ensure that you have a WordPress validated robustly coded theme that will stay with your brand and site for years on end. To this effect we set timelines that appreciate the complexity of the process. We have fast turnaround, but we do not compromise the quality and effectiveness of our work with ‘24 hours or less’ claims.
  • We can take the theme and set up a fully branded WordPress site. Having a unique theme is just one component of the brew of online success. To really leave a mark on visitors the rest of your site must be just as impressive. We have seen that PSD themed online presences require extensive customizations through widgets and plugins because there is a need to support functionalities or visual effects that generally do not come bundled in ordinary off the market templates. We realize that searching for a conversion service and then looking for a development partner may be tedious. And this is why we offer end to end services. Simply hand us the PSD file and your requirements. We will have your site live on time and in budget.
  • We will not stuff your bill. We work on a fixed cost per project. This means you know exactly how much the entire development will amount to and the associated timeline before signing the contract. We have mastered resource allocation and use our talented team optimally to get your site up and running.
  • We put YOU first. It sounds cliché but we are by choice a selective service provider. If you work with us, we will devote a large chunk of our time to your project and will hope to hold you on as a high lifetime value client. And this commitment will show in all our interactions. Communications will be timely and crystal clear. You will receive regular updates and your project manager will be a professional who is capable of translating your vision into a technical blueprint for the coding team to follow.

WordPress Development Australia has served hundreds of PSD to WordPress conversion clients and has earned the reputation of being a reliable service partner.


This is What We Will Do for You

  • Conversion of PSD to HTML. In fact, our team is capable of working with PSD files, JPEGs, PDFs and a lot more. It doesn’t really matter what format you have your theme vision in. Or how disorganized the file is. Our long track record in this domain has helped us develop in-house strategies that deal with source imperfections in the best way possible for an output we can be proud of.
  • Validation of Theme as Per WordPress Standards. Each and every theme we code adheres to the validation mandates of WordPress. But we are also experts in validating and optimizing existing PSD to HTML themes that you may have. Allow us to work with your file and turn it into a unique branding asset that will bring your site to life and will be fully supported by WordPress.
  • Building of a Complex Website. We do not stop with theme conversion. Our specialty is WordPress and we can complement the template with a website that is powerful, customized and robust.
  • Conversion of PSD to Ecommerce Themes. We are WooCommerce evangelists who can convert your PSD file into a WordPress theme – one that is particularly compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, for a magnificent storefront.


Here is Our Work

Each and every theme converted from a PSD file boasts:

  • WordPress validation. Your theme will comply with WordPress ground rules and will be a part of its thriving community.
  • Super-fast loading. Our streamlined development ensures fast load times and the absence of bulky code.
  • Retina ready responsiveness. Who can forget the mobile crowd? Our themes are pixel rich and adapt to different screen sizes with ease.
  • Cross Browser compatibility. Be a truly global presence with cross browser compatibility to complement the retina ready responsiveness.
  • SEO Friendliness. Our themes are conducive to search engine optimization. Be found on the SERPs thanks to our adherence to SEO best practices while coding.
  • Table-less Design. We will not clutter your theme with HTML tables. Instead experience complete style and element control with fluid CSS sheets. You will thank us later!
  • Plugin and Widget Ready. The themes we produce are all set to accept WordPress widgets, plugins and custom applications. Scalability and flexibility are the name of the game.


Our Project Process: It Gets the Job Done

We love to stick to project management and slicing best practices and have made these essentials a part of our process.

  • Upon first contact we request you to send in your PSD file for analysis. If you would like us to develop your entire site from scratch, we also send in a Requirements Evaluation sheet for you to fill out.
  • Based on the provided information we create a project proposal, complete with an accurate timeline and the cost of the assignment. These are important parameters we never violate. Once you have signed the contract, you WILL get delivery within the stipulated time frame.
  • Next come conversion and development. Our coders and designers work together throughout the project. We believe in creating organized PSD files and then slicing the individual elements for output plotting. Our themes are professional quality with the right header, index, sidebar and footer groups.
  • Testing is an integral part of our process. We ensure that the theme is completely WordPress compliant, retina ready and cross browser friendly.
  • The final stage involves the handover of the theme or the completed site. If requested, we also offer demonstrations of features and functionalities so that owners can care for their sites without IT intervention.

Our work is free of bugs and we can also be commissioned to take on the responsibility of periodically updating the theme.


Our Clients Say…..

We have been consistently rated 5 stars by dozens of clients.

WordPress Development went above and beyond on the job. The powerful and custom theme fully aligned with the PSD file and ticked all the checkboxes of responsivity and agility.” –  Rose Ariadne

We had the WordPress Development team create a site from scratch complete with a unique PSD based theme. They made sure that the site functionalities adhered to what we had envisioned for the project. I especially liked some of the visual tweaks they made for a more stunning website.” –  John L


You Should Really Request a Free Quote If:

  • You have a PSD (JPEG, AI or PDF) file describing site vision
  • You are looking for a unique, pixel rich, retina ready and WP validated theme for your site
  • You are branding conscious and want your site-blog-store to be well aligned
  • You want a robust yet fast site full of custom features to complement your theme
  • You have been burned by PSD to WordPress conversion agencies and are wary to try again (We will surprise you. In a good way)
  • You do not want to spend a fortune and wait around ages for your unique PSD to WordPress theme
  • You do not wish to scrimp on quality. Our hand coded, from scratch and diligently tested themes will get you the results you are craving
  • You want an end to end service provider who will deliver a site complete with your PSD theme and also take on the responsibility of updating it