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Here is Why Ecommerce Businesses Must Care About WooCommerce

Are you setting up a brand new business and need a storefront with your website? Do you have an existing online presence and wish to augment it with products on offer? Do you want a streamlined and easy to use web store that will not have you running from one platform to another? Do you want to keep the power of your blog and your site intact but stand apart from your competition with custom coupon codes, multiple payment options and other unique conveniences?

Downloaded over 7 million times and powering about 30% of the top Ecommerce brands in the world, WooCommerce – the WordPress Ecommerce plugin from WooThemes is your best bet.

Operating an online store is no easy deal.

First impressions are definitely the last. In the absence of tangible ‘store atmosphere’ to lure buyers, an Ecommerce site has to be beautiful, fresh and modern, intuitive to navigate, full of helpful content geared to assist product selection and most importantly support multiple, simple payment options with the strong guarantee of card information security.

That is a tall order.

Conventional Ecommerce solutions like Magento, Shopify and Jimdo lose big when compared with WooCommerce because:

  • First and foremost, WooCommerce is free. There are no strings attached. Even most of the apps and extensions do not have any costs associated with them. Magento on the other hand is hugely expensive. And Jimdo’s free plan allows the upload of only 5 products. Basically scalability is a big issue with other tools and it doesn’t come without significant investments later down the line.
  • Secondly, WooCommerce loves the sentiment ‘unlimited’. Users can upload as many products as they want to their storefront. They can also create an unlimited number of attributes to better define and categorize their options. Shopify, another popular Ecommerce alternative, powers only three attributes – size, color and material used. Sounds limiting right? WooCommerce has distinguished itself as the platform of choice for brands that have a lot to offer their buyers but do not wish to keep shelling out money in installments to expand their business.
  • Third, WooCommerce makes an impact with its analytics but is simple to use. A store owner can take care of updates and product additions independent of developers. The dashboard fits snugly with the existing WordPress backend and most of the features have tool tips to guide first time users. Everything from the creation of categories and tags to the cross linking of related products is self-explanatory. This is a huge competitive advantage over old horses like Magento that still favor a clunky interface and are difficult to manipulate without expert guidance.

Based on hundreds of independent comparisons with its competing tools, WooCommerce has repeatedly emerged as a far superior choice for agile businesses looking to grow quickly with stunning website design, social integrations, convenient inventory checks and a no hassles shopping cart experience.


Already Running WordPress? WooCommerce is a Match Made in Heaven

WordPress is run by 51% of the top million sites live today!

And chances are you have a WordPress powered site as well.

This makes you the perfect WooCommerce candidate.

  • WooCommerce is a plugin that is designed specifically for WordPress sites. The integration goes well beyond simply importing products and blocks from a separate Ecommerce platform – as is the case with Magento. The whole storefront is a seamless part of the existing online presence. So users can drop by your blog, read up on your content, acknowledge your expertise and then saunter over to your store a well primed prospect who is much more likely to buy. As a business owner in 2016 and beyond where content and context is king, the WordPress and WooCommerce partnership is not to be taken lightly.
  • WooCommerce enjoys the privileges of being a part of the thriving WordPress community. WordPress given its immense popularity is updated very frequently. This makes it a lot less susceptible to cyber-attacks and the actions of miscreants. When you add a WooCommerce plugin to a WordPress framework, you put your storefront in good hands. Being open source, both the brands benefit from the knowledge and dedication of large communities striving to keep the integration secure.
  • WooCommerce and WordPress join teams to set new standards for Ecommerce website design. WordPress boasts a full suite of content management features and functionalities. And it also happens to be an audience centric platform allowing extensive customizations to themes through style sheets and CSS. The flexibility translates into beautiful storefronts that are as visually attractive as they are robust backend. In fact WooCommerce is the creation of WooThemes, a name that is very well known in the world of WordPress. Users can choose from the themes that are specifically tailored to serve WooCommerce based stores. Or they can have a premium site theme tweaked to deliver the desired end result. The sky is literally the limit and if you can think it, it can be done.
  • WordPress is extremely SEO friendly. And every good Ecommerce store needs Search Engine Optimization boost to outrank its competitors. Simple complementary plugins like Yoast can be used to optimize WooCommerce store products. Everything from keyword density to content structure is listed as a point of improvement for ease of understanding. Store owners can log in to the dashboard to tweak product descriptions, image alt tags and other item attributes so that the products top search engine results with regularity.


WooCommerce Eliminates Most Ecommerce Pain Points:

“Say Goodbye to Poor Cart Experience, Foggy Analytics and Limited Functionalities”

Do You Know You Lose 60% of Your Sales at the Cart?

The number keeps changing but close to 60% of all sales are abandoned because of a poor cart experience. Buyers want simplicity, protection and transparency. WooCommerce is built to serve all three. It allows for easy integration of secure online and offline payment methods to remove purchase resistance. It supports flat rate shipping processes and eliminates surprise spikes in due amount that frustrate potential customers and send them packing.

Are you Stocking Up on Products That Matter or Are You Losing Sales Opportunities?

Analytics is a mission critical aspect of Ecommerce. Unless businesses know what makes buyers reach for their wallets, they can’t really maximize their profits. WooCommerce has this requirement covered. Not only does it provide drilled down reports around the number of sales made, buying patterns and their correlation with store events (like adding of a new product) and general tracking of buyer activity, it also integrates with Google Analytics for insights into searched for items and cross-sell/up-sell opportunities.

Learn to Dream Big and Over Deliver

Do you have a grand vision of what your storefront should be like? Do you wish to offer facilities that none of your competitors are focusing on? If you want to be an icon in the market, you have to think beyond what is being offered by everyone else. WooCommerce supports this spirit. It has dozens of apps and also allows customized development of extensions for features like cart sharing, follow up emails on cart abandonment and complete mobile optimization.

Convinced That WooCommerce is The Right Fit? Now Take a Look at What the Best WordPress Ecommerce Developers Can Achieve For You

Allow us to provide you an end to end Ecommerce solution that:

  • Gets you ranked favorably in comparison to your competitors
  • Gives your customers a reason to visit you again and again with intuitive, streamlined and attractive storefront designs
  • Makes you ace account based marketing with summaries of wish list products, suggested up sells and cross sells and customer reward programs
  • Allow you to expand your line without worries of having to purchase additional product display capacity
  • Gives your buyers a cart experience to remember, including the ability to share purchased items on social for extra discounts or shipping perks
  • Takes your essence and optimizes it for smaller screen (mobile) viewing without loss of clarity or navigability
  • Comes with powerful analytics to identify ‘money making’ products for maximum revenue
  • Ensures your brand is up and running 24*7 with full support, top notch security and regular maintenance


And It Doesn’t End Here! Read On For a List of Our Expanded WooCommerce Website Design and Development Capabilities

We do not rely only on design chops and plugins to get the job done. We have a close knit team of experienced coders who are fully capable of analyzing your requirements and suggesting completely custom applications, extensions and from PSD designs that position you as a unique brand.

We have been working closely with WordPress and WooCommerce for the past several years and deliver winning solutions for all sorts of businesses – from startups to established Ecommerce companies.

  • Selection of premium WooCommerce themes that work exceptionally well with Ecommerce stores.
  • Tweaking of existing theme to accommodate the inclusion of a storefront without creating dissonance with existing on page elements.
  • Conversion of PSD files to Ecommerce themes to bring a sophisticated and streamlined storefront to life.
  • Setting up of storefront and product displays complete with attractive pictures and extensive galleries that improve chances of sale by over 15%
  • Structuring of inventory and products line by setting up as many attributes and tags as needed.
  • Optimization of product presence for money making keywords through plug-ins that turn SEO best practices into checklists allowing users to grade their ongoing efforts.
  • Wow factor touches like mouse roll over enlargement of products and automatic recommendations of relevant cross-sells and up-sells for maximum utilization of catalogue.
  • Further customizations through the use of in built short-codes, widgets, applications from the WooCommerce app market and from scratch extensions.
  • PayPal Standard Gateway and Mijreh integration for multiple payment options and enhanced information security.
  • Inclusion of offline payment alternatives like cash on delivery and check payments.
  • Generation of professional and fully branded Invoice PDFs for buyers.


  • Elimination of the confusion around shipping rates with the help of flat rate shipping processes, generation and application support for coupons and the ability to redeem accumulated points for perks like free multi-location shipping.
  • Integration with FedEx, UPS and USPS for better account based tracking.
  • Addition of decision support elements for buyers like product comparison charts, the ability to login with social networks for a fuller picture of the preferences and purchases of friends and certified buyer reviews.
  • Addition of interactive gamification features like premium buyer badges, the privilege of VIP deals on shopping history for exclusivity and cart sharing.
  • Robust and extensive integrations with enterprise applications like ERP for better updates of stock availability and with FreshBooks for simple account keeping.
  • Integration with Mailchimp, Constant Contact and Aweber for easy collection of leads from storefront and activation of rudimentary marketing automation workflows.
  • Addition of follow up email sequences for improved buyer retention and customer satisfaction.
  • Integration with Google Analytics for more exhaustive reporting, comparison of performance against stipulated goals and identification of better cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
  • Addition of support features like live chat, video calling for customization of investment buys like jewelry and categorized FAQ sections.
  • General bug fixes, migration of data from existing Ecommerce store and monthly/annual maintenance plans for no stress selling.


This is why We Are the Very Best WordPress WooCommerce Developers in the Market

There are many WooCommerce developers in Australia.

But there is a reason why we are liked, trusted and repeatedly hired by some of the most popular names in the industry.

  • High Quality Custom Developments. Whether it is a from-scratch application that you want or the extensive tailoring of a theme to fit your brand image, we are ready to rise to the challenge. Our team consists of veteran coders, designers and UX specialists with decades of experience in their respective fields. We pool together this competence and maintain constant communication with each other to ensure that ‘difficult’ projects get executed right – the first time!
  • Putting YOUR happiness first. We take pride in updating our skill set regularly and are always in the know where WordPress or WooCommerce breakthroughs are concerned. We have robust guarantees around the work we deliver and keep refining an asset until the client is ecstatic with the end result. If your Ecommerce presence is not getting you the lift in revenue that you envisioned, we are not done with our improvements!
  • True blue end to end solutions. You will never need to chase us down to get your Ecommerce store in shape. This promise of providing end to end solutions starts with a thorough analysis of the project scope, transitions into client approved wireframes and ends with SEO semantic development with testing for browser compatibility.
  • Simplifying your store launch. We understand that floating a new Ecommerce store is a daunting task. And our job is to make the process easier for you, not add to your complications. With us, you will always be able to reach your lead developer or designer within seconds of contacting your account administrator. Our team consists of native professionals with good communication abilities. Your requests do not get lost in translation.
  • Respecting your time & money. This is non-negotiable. You know exactly how long the project will last and how much it will cost before signing the contract. And we never veer from our commitment. We have mastered resource allocation and ensure that you always get the optimal output from our talented team.


Great Work is Rewarded with Lavish Praise! Here is What Our Clients Have to Say about Us

“I highly recommend WordPress Development team for their professional and enthusiastic approach to web design and IT services.” – Alice, Online Supplement Store

“My store was live within days. And I had a complicated spreadsheet based inventory to sort. I really couldn’t be happier with the results WordPress Development team got for me. My customized store was in budget and on time.” – Rhea, Rhea’s Painting Gallery


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  • You want a robust, scalable and visually attractive store without spending a lot.
  • You want to join the biggest Ecommerce brands in the world in terms of the technology they use.
  • You do not have a huge IT team to take care of your store.
  • You do not want to do what everyone else has already tried.
  • You are looking for a simple platform that offers SEO, analytics and the ability to upload unlimited products.
  • You are aware that cart and shipping cause you to lose a ton of business and are eager to eliminate these issues.


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